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19 musical theatre writers participated in nine residencies summer 2017.

Kate Douglas & Shayfer James

The Seven
Who Were Hanged

“Rhinebeck was unlike any experience we've had as collaborators. You took care of everything and gave us a perfect creative haven. We wrote and recorded demos for 12 songs from our new musical while there. And speaking personally with people at the reception who are passionate about theater and willing to support artists like us was so motivating. It was a great reminder of why we must keep focused on making the best art we can.” 
~ Kate Douglas and Shayfer James


Kate Douglas and Shayfer James, writers of The Seven Who Were Hanged

Chris Miller & Nathan Tysen

Eric Hermannson’s

“It was the perfect launch pad for our new musical. In one week we went from rough outline to a mapped out approach of the entire show, including seven songs.  What usually takes months is achieved in mere days.”  
- Nathan Tysen

“I appreciate the sharing aspect with the reception at the end of the week, as it helps to have that no-pressure deadline to help settling into work written very quickly while getting an early audience response. I can’t recommend the residency highly enough.” 
- Chris Miller

Nathan Tysen and Chris Miller, writers of Eric Hemannson's Soul

“Because my bookwriter, Eric, and I live on opposite coasts, the time we had alone to rewrite our script was truly invaluable. The Rhinebeck retreat gave us a crucial opportunity to walk away with a much stronger draft of our show at a critical time in its developmental process. The belief that “writers shouldn’t have to pay for anything” was really special. I felt honored to be treated that way.” 
– Brett Ryback


“The Rhinebeck Writers Retreat allowed me the safety net of testing a hundred different ideas, some of them terrible, so that in time I could finally arrive at the perfect solution for the moment being written. After all, If a writer falls on his face in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it even make a sound…?” ~ Eric Ulloa

Eric Ulloa & Brett Ryback

Passing Through

Eric Ulloa and Brett Ryback, writers of Passing Through

Jeff Talbott & Will Van Dyke

Seven Broken Hearts

“The Retreat is structured to allow creative adults the freedom to work, and, more importantly, the trust that, when left alone to let their imaginations wander, those imaginations will actually soar. We don’t know of another developmental organization/opportunity for musical theatre writers that gives so many resources to them and the freedom to use those resources to make their musicals better. Thanks for one of our favorite, most intense, productive weeks ever.”
~ Jeff Talbott and Will Van Dyke

Jeff Talbott and Will Van Dyke, writers of Seven Broken Hearts

Sean Barry & Jenny Giering,

What We

Leave Behind

“We loved the open living space & the lovely piano. Also, the chairs by the pond. We did a lot of discussing & woodshedding there! There aren’t many things in the musical theater that are beautiful, straight-up gifts for the artists lucky enough to receive them. Rhinebeck Writers Retreat is at the top of our list. The organization’s love and support of artists, the personal dedication to the creative process is truly amazing.”

~ Jenny Giering and Sean Barry

Sean Barry and Jenny Giering, writers of What We Leave Behind

John Copeland,
Ingrid Elizabeth, Ty Greenstein, Patricia Cotter

Mrs. Nash

“The week gave us the UNBELIEVABLY RARE opportunity to deep dive into writing, sit with the play’s nascent characters, do research, spend long swaths of uninterrupted time brainstorming, take walks, dream up sound palettes, try out lyrics, and collaborate. Needless to say, this was invaluable time for four writers living in different places with very busy schedules.” 
~ Ty Greenstein and Ingrid Elizabeth, Mouths of Babes


“Rhinebeck offers a beautiful, non-judgmental, creative space to bring new art into the world. It’s an amazing gift.” ~ Patricia Cotter

John Copeland, Ingrid Elizabeth, Ty Greenstein, and Patricia Cotter, writers of Mrs. Nash

Ben Bonnema & Chris Staskel

One Way

“With the day-to-day chaos of living and working in Manhattan, it was invaluable to escape the city and focus on our show at Rhinebeck Writers Retreat. Our house had every amenity a writer could need to be successful, and now our show is much further along in its development.” 

~ Ben Bonnema

“I had the time to go through all my phases of a successful writing retreat: “Oh I have SO much time to get this all done!” “Oh god, I’ve wasted all my precious time…” “OK, I’ve gotten something done, time to watch Game of Thrones.” Chris Staskel

Ben Bonnema and Chris Staskel, writers of One Way

Stacey Luftig & Phillip Palmer

Saving Amelia

“We unearthed answers about song moments that had eluded us for months, and then worked closely together to flesh out the actual songs. A week spent here can be more productive than two or three months in the ‘real world’.” 

~ Stacey Luftig

“What a wonderful way to focus on writing, all while feeling supported and valued!” ~ Phillip Palmer

Stacey Luftig and Phillip Palmer, writers of Saving Amelia

Mark Sonnenblick


“Rhinebeck Writers Retreat gave me a week to completely immerse myself in the world of my show and put all other obligations aside. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, and writing on a grand piano, it was impossible not to be inspired.”  ~ Mark Sonnenblick

Mark Sonnenblick, writer of Devotion
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