We can’t thank the following individuals, foundations, and corporations enough for their support. They are covering 100% of the writers' costs, including home rental, food, travel, and, for our Triple R program, actors, directors, musicians; and each writer gets a $500 stipend. This list represents donations from May 2019 through September 2020.

$10,000 and above

National Endowment for the Arts

New York State Council on the Arts

$3,000 to $9,999

Liz Armstrong 
The ASCAP Foundation Bart Howard Fund 
Cathy Cabrera and Rick Ungar

Rick Farrar and Jeff Zadroga
Amy and Roger Faxon

Lisa Kohl and Ricardo Hornos
The Noël Coward Foundation

Steve and Paula Reynolds


$500 to $2,999
Lil Arbogast

Dave Badtke and Josanna Berkow
Stephen Beninati
Paul Blake and Mark Bennett

John and Colleen Cook
Kathy Evans and Bill Baldwin

Jody Falco and Jeffrey Steinman

Mark Grayson

Brian Hargrove and David Hyde Pierce

Pamela Kaplan

Kathy Krupp, in honor of Molly McEneny

Darin Johnson
Jody and Giulio Martini
Molly McEneny

Liz and Bill Mills
Marianne M. Mills

Glenn Oakley

Yasaman Rahmani
Cornelia Ravenal

Alexandria Robertson

Dawn Robertson

Jacqui and Lew Rose

Spencer Ross

Diane Rothstein

Abigail Rose Solomon/Rosalind Productions Inc.

Lauren and Kipp Stevens

Cynthia Stroum
Betsy Tomic

Abbie Van Nostrand

Susan Vogt Brown
Ken and Rosemary Willman

Jeffery Zimmerman and Sharon Weinberg

$200 to $499

Randy Adams

Debra Alexander

Debby Baldwin and Irwin Arieff

Beverly Bartow, in honor of Molly McEneny
Warren and Joan Berland

Kathleen Clark
Maria da Silva

Sandy Faison

Linda Ferris

Ashley Belton Gold

Jessica Greenbaum and Jed Marcus

($200 to $499 continued:)

Robin Groves

Susan Guerrero

David Hornik

Scott Hunt

Bonnie Hurry

Beth Jacobs

Judith Kahler

Craig Katerberg

Preeti Krishnan

Elaine and Steve Lev

John Levin and Diane Keefe fund
Amy Rose Marsh

Nan Morrison
Joanne Mournet

Susan Phillips

Dana Rosenfeld

Paul Rosenthal

Amy Schwartz
Lauren Sirois

Steve Symonds

Laura Taylor Swain & Andy Swain

Dick Tofel

Elizabeth Tomic

Pamela Tucker

Kara Unterberg

Paul J. Wang, MD


Up to $200

Elissa Adams

Alhadeff Family Charitable Foundation
Gigi Bolt

Andy Calkins

Kathleen Crampton

Dorothy Denny & Gully Stanford

David and Penny Dell

Susan Evans
Naomi Grabel & Neil Kutner

Samantha Hacker

Judy Honig

Belinda Jackson

George Jahn, in memory of Karen Jahn
Susan L. Jannetta
Karen Levinson

Karen Kelly & Bill Levy
Philip Konort

Susan and Robert Lewin

Kate O'Connor 
Tecla Palli-Sandler and Scott Sandler

Brian Spector

Miranda Parry

Joanne Pugh

Michael Robertson

David Sassoon

Alec Stais and Elissa Burke

Daniella Topol
Patricia Walsh

Erica Weitze

Barbara Whitman

Kathleen Williams & David Morkal


Corporate Support through matching grants
American Express Foundation

Our programs are made possible in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts and by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.


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