“Triple R” — 2 Readings and a Residency — offers musical theatre writers development of their musical in a compressed time frame.


We select one writing team each year who has previously participated in a weeklong residency at Rhinebeck Writers Retreat.  The writers begin with a cold table reading in NYC of their musical, move up to Rhinebeck for a residency to do rewrites, and return to NYC with a revised script and score for a staged reading with professional actors.

Broadway Bounty Hunter

Joe Iconis, Lance Rubin, and Jason “SweetTooth” Williams. 

As a direct result of our reading in 2015, the musical had its world premiere at Barrington Stage in Pittsfield, MA in 2016.


Top: Broadway Bounty Hunter cast in rehearsal for Triple R reading

Annie Golden and Alan H. Green, world premiere at Barrington Stage

Into The Wild

Janet Allard and Niko Tsakalakos


Our 2016 Triple R reading of Into The Wild was directed by Lila Neugebauer. The musical had a developmental production at Michigan’s Encore Musical Theater Company in 2017.

Lila Neugebauer, Janet Allard, Niko Tsakalakos

Bhangin’ It 

Mike Lew, Rehana Lew Mirza, and Sam Willmott

The 2017 Triple R musical was Bhangin' It, when the writers saw the musical on its feet for the first time. They were selected for the 2018 Johnny Mercer Songwriter Colony at Goodspeed to continue work on it.

Rehana Lew Mirza, Sam Willmott, Mike Lew

The Proxy Marriage 

Adam Gwon and Michele Lowe

The 2018 Triple R musical was The Proxy Marriage, directed by Lonny Price and music directed by Vadim Feichtner. It was selected for the 2019 Goodspeed Festival of New Musicals. 

Michele Lowe and Adam Gwon

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