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Applications for 2024 Summer Retreats are now closed.

Before you begin the online application for Rhinebeck Writers Retreat, make sure you have reviewed the Eligibility & Guidelines as well as the Application Info.  You'll need to gather all the information before you start the application.  The link for the application is at the bottom of this page.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email



Please note: Once you begin the application, you must complete it in one sitting. 

There is no option to save. 

Use this document to gather all the information before starting


  • Musical Title

  • Is the project a commission? (Yes or No) If so, provide the name of commissioning organization.

  • Is the musical wholly original or in the public domain? If not, have you acquired the necessary underlying rights to your musical, including the rights to a full production?
    You may only apply if you have acquired the rights in writing. After you submit your application, send an email to, subject line “Rights Letter for Title of Musical," with a letter from the rights holder proving you have the rights. You can black out dollar amounts.


Assign a Primary Contact who will receive all correspondence regarding the application and is responsible for disseminating information to collaborators. The first writer you list in the application will be your Primary Contact.


  • For all writers on the team, you will need to provide the name, artistic role (book/lyrics/music), email address, phone number, and zip code.

  • Each writer should indicate if the writer is a member of ASCAP, BMI, or Dramatists Guild.


We ask for no money from our participants. The only requirement is a title page credit on all future readings, showcases, productions and publications as follows: “Title of musical was developed, in part, at Rhinebeck Writers Retreat.” In the application, you affirm that all the writers on the team have read the Eligibility and Guidelines page and they agree to provide Rhinebeck Writers Retreat with this title page credit if you are selected.


Provide the name, title, organization, and email for one person who has worked professionally with at least one of the writers and who we might contact as a reference for your application.


Check off all of the dates that your entire team is available. All members of the writing team should participate for the full week. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please contact us before completing the application at Arrivals are late Sunday and departures are the following Sunday, early morning.  There is only one team in residence each week. The dates for the summer 2024 retreats are:

  June 23 - June 30
  June 30 - July 7
  July 7 - July 14
  July 14 - July 21
  July 21 - July 28
  July 28 - August 4

  August 4 - August 11
  August 11 - August 18

  August 18 - August 25


Please prepare a shareable/downloadable link with the following nine (9) files:  five (5) separate PDF documents and four (4) music files in mp3 format.  A breakdown of the separate requirements is below.  Please do not include additional materials other than what is listed below.  If you have any questions, please email us at and we'd be happy to help you!

Five (5) Separate PDF Documents, numbered as you see below:

  1. Brief bios of writers combined onto one page, not to exceed 150 words per writer.

  2. Brief Synopsis, not exceeding 500 words, and be sure to give the plot of your entire musical since we are only reading 25 pages.  After the Synopsis, on the same document, provide a character breakdown.

  3. Background and Artistic Goals. Address the following in one page or less. Use 12-point type.
    a.  How long has your writing team been collaborators and how did you meet? What inspired you to tell this story?
    b.  First, share the development history of your musical. Then, tell us what you hope to achieve during your one week in Rhinebeck.   

  4. 25-page excerpt from the script. Include title and writers’ names on first page and number the pages. You can choose any 25 pages, but if they are not the first 25 pages, include a paragraph at the beginning to set the stage. If you don’t have 25 pages from the musical you are submitting, the document you attach should start with a detailed outline of the musical you are submitting, not to exceed 2 pages, which is directly followed by 25 pages of another script by the bookwriter, and write that musical’s title and writers. The 25-page count begins with the dialogue (not the title page, etc).

  5. Lyrics for the 4 songs in one single document.  This file should “match” the mp3 music files you are submitting (see below), so our readers can follow along while they listen to the songs.  Number the file names (1 through 4) in the order you want the readers to listen to them. Please note:  If you wish to submit updated lyrics newer than the ones that can be heard on your song demos, that is perfectly acceptable - just let us know in the document. Include page numbers.

    Before each song, please provide the following information:
    - If the song appears in the 25-page excerpt, indicate the page number where it appears in the script.
    - If a song is not in the 25-page excerpt and/or is from another source, provide a 2-sentence plot introduction to set it up.

Four (4) Song Submissions:

Please submit four songs in mp3 format. It is helpful to have at least one song from the 25-page excerpt. The files should be numbered in the order you wish the readers to hear them, and should match the order of the Lyrics sheet (Document number 5, referenced above). If 4 songs aren’t yet completed from your musical, you will include other songs by the composer, but at least 2 of the 4 songs must be from the submitted musical.


This section is for administrative purposes and grant proposals to foundations. It is not seen by the readers. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, religion, age, gender identity, sex, or sexual orientation.  

If a member of your team requires wheelchair accessibility, we will provide accessible housing for the entire team in one location, upon request. Please indicate if accessible housing is needed for your team.

Secondly, please indicate if you or a member of your team would like to bring a child and a caregiver to the retreat.

Lastly, please indicate the race/ethnic heritage(s) that members of your team identify with.


If you submit your application before February 5th at 6:00pm EST, there is no fee.
If you submit your application between February 5th at 6:01pm EST and the final deadline of February 12th at 6:00pm EST, there is a $30 application fee.  You will be automatically prompted to pay after you hit “Submit” on the online application page. If the fee poses a problem for you, please send us an email at


Don’t forget to click the "Submit" button at the end of the online application. Remember, once you hit “Submit”, you cannot make any changes to your application. You will get a web screen confirmation immediately after.

Applications for 2024 Summer Retreats are now closed.

Applicants will know whether or not they are proceeding to the final round in mid-March and the participants will be announced in April

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